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3 Ways to Pay!

Here at Legacy at Meridian we love that we offer several different and convenient ways to pay your rent or any other charges on your account – including all application fees for new residents! Finances can be one of the most hectic aspect of our daily lives and we want to make paying your rent as easy as possible for you all!

READ ON to learn about all the ways you can submit payments and of course always feel free to check-in with the office with any questions or concerns:

The old fashioned way: We do accept checks in the office! This includes personal checks, money orders and cashier’s checks. Come down and say hello and turn in your payment with a check. If the office is closed, just look right when you’re standing at the front door and there is a drop box. Slip your check through there and we will get it in the morning!  

The online way: Have you been registered for your Resident Portal yet? Well get on it! Reach out to the office if you aren’t and we can get you set up. Through the Portal you can not only make payments, but set up recurring/automatic payments, submit service requests, and update your information like vehicle or pets!

The app way: Have a smart phone? Well here’s the smartest way to pay! Just go to wherever you get apps for your phone and download Legacy at Meridian. The app is the simplest and most streamlined way to make payments. After downloading, get setup in minutes! When using our app to pay you’ll receive the most direct troubleshooting and support – the developers communicate directly with you when assisting! If you experience any technical difficulties or even just have a question, shoot an email to the office at and we’ll connect you with the App Team.

Please note: We do not accept cash, checking account payments are always free, and credit card payments can be made online or via the app for a small fee.

We appreciate our residents so much and THANK YOU for calling Legacy at Meridian home!

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